CEO Greetings

37th anniversary

SP&G strives for
green growth and energy-saving
with regard to

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Welcome to SP&G.
I am Jeong-Rim Lee, the CEO.
I feel much delighted to have you visit us.

Companies nowadays have increased awareness of new and renewable energy. Companies of varying sizes develop and invest in energy businesses, but I believe that energy-saving technologies are the true solution to renewable energy. In fact, South Korea still loses and wastes an enormous amount of energy compared to the advanced energy-saving systems in other developed countries. Perhaps it may be a problem in environmental conditions, but we surely have a problem with our awareness as well.

SP&G has developed energy-saving technologies for 33 years to raise the consciousness of green growth and energy reduction. Resultingly, our company has a competitive edge against energy-saving powers like Japan and Germany, exporting various products overseas. Since SP&G is the only Korean company running a pneumatic pressure business, the future of the energy-saving industry is promising in Korea..

Please look forward to seeing the creative spirit, challenging mind, and passion of SP&G for environmental preservation, emissions reduction, and green growth.

Thank you.

the CEO. ㅣ Jeong-Rim Lee
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