SP&G identifies the usage and loss factors of target energy facilities through its energy diagnosis business,
offering a technology consulting service that suggests economically feasible and reasonable ways to increase energy efficiencies.
컨설팅및진단산업의 에너지진단 컨설팅및진단산업의 에너지진단

Diagnostic Effects

Management aspects

  • Improved competitiveness of companies according to the reduced burden for energy costs
  • Inspiration of company-wide mindset for saving energy
  • Proposition of reasonable energy use models
  • Reduced energy consumption rate through investment in reduction and motivation

Facility and technology aspects

  • Prevention of energy loss through optimized facility operation
  • Improved basic unit of energy and reduced environmental burden
  • Stabilization of production and support facilities through the formation of optimized energy models

Diagnostic Procedure

  • 01

    Identification of energy usage status and process

  • Preliminary diagnosis on consulting suitability and schedule negotiations
  • 02

    Selection of target facilities and processes

  • Investigation of energy usage and facility data, interview with managers
  • 03

    Confirmation of usage through on-site diagnosis

  • On-site measurements using diagnostic equipment, facility performance testing, and operation efficiency diagnosis
  • 04

    Discovery and analysis of energy waste factors

  • Identification of energy losses, analysis of cause, and interview with hands-on energy managers
  • 05

    Preparation of improvement

  • Review of improvement measures for each waste factor, economic analysis on facility investment
  • 06

    Guidance on

  • Education on energy saving, explanation of consulting outcomes