Photovoltaic Generation Business

The photovoltaic generation business is a business that creates long-term and stable profits by selling the electricity produced at power plants to Korea Electric Power Corporation.
ㆍExpected to return high profits based on the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)
ㆍSystem that obliges power generation business operators to provide a certain portion of the power generated as renewable energy

Application Effects

Stable profit

Tax exemption benefits

Increased property values

Eco-friendly power generation business

Reduction Principle

The photovoltaic generation method directly converts light energy from the sun into electric energy.

Electric current is formed by configuring N and P semiconductors using the phenomenon in which metals send electrons out when they absorb light (electromagnetic waves).

olar cells allow current to flow but cannot store electricity, and there must be a storage battery to store electricity. We can generate enough electricity for domestic uses by connecting several solar panel modules, which are made by connecting several solar cells.

Since this electricity is DC, electricity for home appliances can be obtained by passing DC power through an inverter that converts DC into AC.