Air Compressors

Oil-Injected Compressor

Rotary Screw Compressor

This fixed-speed compressor is mounted with a centralized control system to save the power cost.
This compressor can generate high-quality compressed air at a low investment expense. Centralized control can apply to this compressor in an operating room using the energy-saving system, monitoring the operating status easily and enabling automatic control.

Practicality of Compressor
  • Attached with twin fans for optimal cooling
  • Axial cooling fans driven using a separate TEFC electric motor
  • Fans, fan motors, and cowls attached with a hinge for easy cleaning of the cooler

Energy-Saving Compressor

VSD, Variable Speed Drive

This eco-friendly compressor can simultaneously accomplish an efficient supply of compressed
air and energy reduction. The compressor attached with a variable speed inverter can optimally control the motor RPM according to the compressed air volume. The VSD compressor can cope with on-site load variations and produce only the necessary amount of air when idling. There is no electric power that goes wasted, and the stress of power-receiving facilities is also reduced.
    • 에너지 소비량
    • 요구 유량
    • 생산 유량

    ※ 요구 유량에 맞춰 유량을 생산함으로써 무부하시간 대폭감소

Oil-Free Compressor

Oil Free Compressor

This compressor does not contain oil in compressed air.
It supplies 100% pure and clean air that observes the ISO-8573-1 Class ‘0’ certification, which ensures that the compressor is free of the risk of manufacturing damaged or unsafe products.
  • This compressor can obtain clean compressed gases and air that do not contain oil because it does not require internal lubrication, and there is no contact between the rotor and casing and between rotors.
  • No pulsation in the discharge gas
  • Little vibration and easy maintenance

Reduction Principle

The frequency is varied to change the motor RPM,
thus regulating the discharge amount.
Each compressor is controlled according to the changing
flow required at the site, and all compressors are free of idling and do not waste electric power from unloading.