Energy Management System(PESS-EMS)

PESS-EMS is the unique energy management system of SP&G for optimal energy use at plants.
This integrated management system can combine energy-saving, efficient operation,and service management
by examining energy usage and operating patterns of air compressors and other facilities used at industrial sites.

PESS-EMS Lite Ver.

  • Real-time monitoring of compressor information
  • Management of service plans
  • Storage of service plans and equipment status history
  • Confirmation on mobile web (optional)

PESS-EMS Smart Ver.

  • Functions of the lite version included
  • Storage of flow, pressure, and power data
  • Analytical trend of flow, pressure, and power data

PESS-EMS Premium Ver.

  • Functions of the smart version included
  • Real-time monitoring of compressor and load instrument information
  • Analysis of past data
  • Alarm function
  • Analysis of equipment operation patterns
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Configuration screen of module for improving efficiency based on fault diagnosis analysis of big data air compressor

Application effect.

Reduction of Electric Energy

  • Real-time monitoring → Identification of waste factors
  • Analysis of electric energy efficiency
  • Calculation of energy prices based on energy consumption
  • Notice of electric power usage → Encouragement of additional power saving

Peak Power Management

  • Peak value setting → Identification of waste factors
  • Effective/systematic response to government measures
  • Analysis of energy use → Reduced operating expenses

Extension of Device Service Life/Fast Investment Payback

  • Real-time device check → Improved device performance
  • Facility efficiency management → Suggestion of optimal operating conditions
  • Low solution cost → Short investment payback period
  • Automatic metering → Efficient human resource operation

Reduction Principle

Optimized facility operation through accurate on-site diagnosis

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